Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Athens, Ephesus, and Mykonos!

I apologize for the delay in posting.  We've been very busy, but having a great time!  On Monday we visited Athens.  It was so amazing to see all the ruins of this ancient city.  Here's a view of the Parthenon:

In Athens we also visited all the other ruins at the Acropolis and ended our day shopping at the Plaka.  On Tuesday, we docked in Ephesus, Turkey.  We learned that the city has actually relocated 5 times in its history. The city's current location is referred to as Ephesus 5.  This is a view of the remains of a library which was at one time the second largest library in the world.  It is located at Ephesus 3.

Today we were in Mykonos, Greece.  We had to take a tender in to the port.  It was a little windy, but it did help to keep it cooler.  The island was beautiful...just like a postcard!  I had to walk to the beach and dip my toes in the very cold water of the Aegean Sea.  I have many pictures, but given the price per minute of the Internet on board..these two are all you get for now.  Here are the trademark Mykonos windmills and an overall view of the island.

Me and the windmills

The cruise is wonderful so far.  We are halfway through now.  The food is delicious which is great. Unfortunately, I think I may have gained back all the weight I lost while in Florence. :(  Oh well!! It can't be helped.  The Aegean Sea is a little rocky because of the strong winds so we've been rocking and rolling when we sail at night.  It makes dancing a little difficult, but rocks you to sleep like a baby.  Tomorrow we dock in Rhodes.  It's another beautiful Greek island with some interesting ruins surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Can't wait!  

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