Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last views of Florence

On our last day in Florence, we tried to squeeze in some things we hadn't had a chance to see yet as well as revisit some of our favorite places. First, we visited the Bargello Museum.  This museum includes many sculptures by Donatello and Michelangelo.
Inside the Bargello courtyard

Michelangelo's Bacchus
After the Bargello, we wandered back to the Pitti Palace.  The Pitti Palace was built and originally occupied by the Medici family who ruled over Florence and most of Tuscany for over 500 years.  We visited the Costume Museum, the Porcelain Museum, and the Boboli Gardens.  Here are some scenes of the palace and the gardens:

Pitti Palace

Boboli Gardens

View from the top.  Florence Duomo and Cathedral belltower
We ended our last day with the same meal we began with....Tortellini panna e prosciutto at one of our favorite restaurants, Trattoria Casalinga, with our favorite waiter, Joe!  And one final post-dinner stroll with gelato! Ciao Firenze!  It's been fun!

Sun setting on the Pointe de Vecchio Bridge

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