Saturday, June 25, 2011

SIgns of the Times

Signs are used to communicate a message.  I've found some of the signs here very interesting.  Some make me feel safe and protected in a strange place:

Some I'm sure make Italians feel safe and protected:

Some are completely ignored.  For clarification, see my previous Locks of Love post.

Some made me laugh out loud:

Some, like this one on the path between Corniglia and Vernazza, helped me justify the second helping of panna cotta:

Some reflect the past.  Michelangelo lived here:

  And I suppose some reflect the wrong in so many ways:

Some have been altered to change their meaning entirely.  There is a local artist who goes around altering selected traffic signs.  This sign was once there to indicate an upcoming T in the road.  But now...

 And this sign is posted in honor of my friend now serving in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, signs of the times.

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